Windows cannot find the file

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Hi techyv people, 

I am sharing here an amazing error message, I experience this while I was using our inventory application, all of a sudden an error message appeared, its message was Windows cannot find the file. Would you like some wine instead?

Windows cannot find the file.

Would you like some wine instead?

I pasted above the screen shot of the error, the error sounds strange, I don't believe it is generated from our inventory application, so tried to scan my computer for some virus that might hijack my computer, but none was found, but I still suspected this is a work of a virus,

Please your experience on this message,

Thanks in advance.

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Windows cannot find the file


Windows cannot find the file. Would you like some wine instead?

This crazy error message was received from the Malware called ado.exe. Ado.exe is a dangerous Malware the caries a lot of Trojans in his packages. The malware also slows down the performance of your computer and uses the virtual memory of the attack. The virus o malware embeds to games, movies, music and many other packed files which can be transferred through peer-to-peer connections. Also attached on a bulk electronic mail attachments.

Possible signs of this malware attack in your PC are:

  1. Surfing Instability on the computer.
  2. Missing Files or infected files.
  3. Unexpected show-up of the program files on the task list.
  4. Hazardous program installed as third party applications.
  5. Re-installation of Corrupted files after removal.
  6. Internet browser modification of homepage.

To stop this attack and crazy error message where we sometimes almost throw our computer on the riverbanks that causes by this system error message which comes from the ADO.EXE malware or virus. Scan your computer with the anti-virus with updated virus definitions and free your computer from virus infections.

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Windows cannot find the file


There could be various sources regarding this error message. Please be Guided by the following:

  1. Computer freaks: If you are sure that it suddenly appears on the screen while just using your application without opening a file then is could be some work of someone that is playing with you. (Shall we say one of your officemates that knows how do to this trick).
  2. Malware or Viruses: If it constantly appears upon opening or using the application, then it could be a work of some malicious programs or shall we say that the system has been infected by a virus/malware.

When running antivirus seems to be ineffective in this case, it is better to delete the Systems Volume Information and Recycler folders. Although these folders are inaccessible to Windows file system (NTFS), there are some tools that made this possible to reveal like the Servant Salamander or the Total Commander. In most cases, viruses mostly hid themselves in these areas after a success of its infection of the system in order to back up its own file.

Deleting Systems Volume Information means deleting the systems restore point (System Restore) which could be a very useless process when the system is totally overwhelmed by virus infections. The folder Systems Volume Information and Recycler could be found in the drives partition e.g. C:, D: .

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