Windows can’t verify the publisher

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Just recently, I had a trouble when I delved through with the GIGS and GIGS storage file. I was trying too hard only to find out that the  file don’t actually exist. I have applied everything I know, but it seems not good enough. I tried manually pulling up “File/Run” as “Administrator/Server Properties” to actually get the list of my drivers. But then, an error message just popped out. How may I be able to get a way with this? I guess, I have moved the MSI files for both bit versions, 64 and 32, respectively, out from TEMP folders already and even removed all the installers. What can possibly be the problem? This error makes it harder for me. I really need help.



Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software

Don't install this driver software

You should check your manufacturer's website for updated driver software for your device.

Install this driver software anyway

Only install driver software obtained from your manufacturer's website or disc. Unsigned software from other sources may harm your computer or steal infermation.

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Windows can’t verify the publisher



The software that has proper license key and registration with windows will install without any message. It seems that the driver you trying to installing is unknown to windows. So windows fail to get the publisher information. You can try installing the driver software anyway option. If you downloaded the driver software from any source that is not reliable then do not install the software. Try to get software from manufacture's website or any disc from manufacturer.

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Windows can’t verify the publisher


The truth is it’s totally fine to select “Install this driver software anyway” when installing an unsigned driver to your computer. There is totally no problem as long as you know what application it is you are installing. You are seeing that dialog box because the driver that you are installing is not signed or doesn’t have a digital signature from Microsoft.

Microsoft does this to make sure that the driver you are installing has been checked and approved for compliance by Microsoft. This doesn’t affect the function and effectiveness of the driver and the program it is associated to. I always see that same dialog box when I was still using a virtual private network on my computer when installing the client.

When using Parallels Tools, make sure your operating system is supported. To install and use Parallels Tools, your guest operating system must be one of these: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. So if you are running Windows 7 as your guest operating system then you can’t use and install Parallels Tools.

For more information on the proper installation of Parallels Tools, visit In a Windows guest OS.

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Windows can’t verify the publisher


Hi  Martha Alfaro

There is another Techyv post which is addressed your problem. Visit that page and get another technique to resolve this issue.

Windows cannot verify the publisher of this driver software

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