Windows 8.1 installing showed message couldn’t be completed

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I just decided to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 8. I was able to load some of the features and at least reached 40-50%. After few minutes it stopped making progress and showed message “Couldn’t be Completed, Something Happened.” Can you tell me what this is? What could be the possible cause of this error? Can you give me instructions on how to resolve this problem? Can you give me alternative ways on how to resolve this problem?

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Windows 8.1 installing showed message couldn’t be completed


It can be that some of the steps you have missed to verify before performing the update has caused this issue. So, it is advisable to try the update once again after following these strategies.

  • Check whether there are any critical and important new updates to be installed. Further more, install the hidden updates by going to the "Restore hidden updates" link given in left sidebar.
  • Unplug all the external devices and external hardware
  • Disable all the malware guards including the virus guard (but, should be activated again as soon as possible, after the update is complete).
  • If these strategies bring no successful results, try reinstalling Windows 8 by restoring Windows Store Cache,

    • Press "R" key and Windows key at the same time
    • Type as "WSReset.exe " 
    • Click Enter

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