Windows 8 what are the security features in it?

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Windows 8 what are the security features in it?

I wanted to know what are all the options to have the OS secure from Hackers/Virus/Theft etc

Please give me all possible solutions

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Windows 8 what are the security features in it?


You can keep an eye on your family members' tasks that what they are viewing or doing.

Windows will automatically update but will not install any application without your permission.

An antivirus program included in the new version. So you don't have to install extra antivirus to secure your PC.

It has a new phishing filter which will help you to stay safe at online whenever you will visit an unknown page that will give you a notification.

You can keep all your data and devices secure by using the windows Bitlocker tool.


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Windows 8 what are the security features in it?


The added security features in Windows 8 are as follows:

1.   The Windows genuine antivirus protection, Microsoft Security Essentials are replaced by Windows Defender. It runs in the background and detects any malware or viruses. You can also scan your files with this antivirus.

2.   Windows 8 has a new security feature, Windows SmartScreen. It is a new phishing filter which blocks the operation of any suspicious activity or malware.

3.   Windows 8 blocks malware like rootkits and bootkits, through its two new features – Secure Boot and Early Launch Anti-Malware(ELAM). Secure boot requires that code launched at boot possess a secure certificate verifiable by a hardware module. When the OS boots ELAM is launched before other drivers, so that they can be checked against a blacklist of known infection signatures.

4.   AppContainer- This is a sandboxing technique where the application is limited in how it can interact with the underlying OS. The sandbox defines rules that govern the operation of the app. Depending on the sandbox, apps may be restricted from reading or writing files outside prescribed locations, accessing location awareness, modifying operating system files and so on.

The appcontainer is designed to be used on Windows 8 Metro apps(apps which behaves like mobile OS), and browser tabs inside Internet Explorer 11. The latter blocks any potentially malicious apps that could run inside a Web page through sandboxing.

5.   The login security is also improved by Picture Password. The picture password allows the user to select a picture and save a sequence of three touch gestures on top of it. These gestures would be required to repeat in order to allow login in the system.

6.   Windows To Go : It allows a fully managed Windows 8 corporate image that administrators can provision on an external USB drive and can be booted from any x64 PC at any location, regardless of connectivity. As a fully corporate PC image, it can include management features such as Windows Update policies, corporate anti-malware solutions and Bitlocker. Currently, Windows To Go requires USB drives with at least 32 GB and can only be booted from an x64 machine.

7.   BitLocker Drive Encryption: It allows encryption of drives to keep safe all the documents, passwords and other important data. Once, the service is enabled, every file you save gets encrypted automatically.

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