Windows 8 Start Screen and Apps Not Responding

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After having upgraded to Windows 8, I realized, I couldn't get the Start menu plus the apps to respond. I tried using the Windows 8 troubleshooter yet this didn't worked too. I am now unable to perform any task with my PC since all programs have failed to run.I am using Windows 8.1 on Toshiba Satellite system 64. I'll very much appreciate any help you can offer on this issue

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Windows 8 Start Screen and Apps Not Responding


In order for the Metro tiles to work, You need to adjust your screen resolution to be more than 1024×768. So make sure you have a display resolution on or over 1024×768.  To change the resolution Right click on Desktop and click on Screen Resolution.

Windows 8 tiles are not working

Also check, If UAC is turned off completely then the Metro applications won’t work properly. So make sure you don’t disable UAC. To check it

Click on Control Panel->Select “More Settings

Select “User Accounts and Family Safety”

Click User Accounts

Then select  “Turn On or Off User Account Control”

Make sure that your settings are set to default as shown in the below picture.


Create a new Windows user make it login under Local account. 

Select Control Panel and Highlight Users then select Other users (Add User)

  • Now click on “More about logon options”.

Now select “Local Account

Then fill in your information and Log off you account to log-in tonew account.


Try to reinstall touch screen, drivers


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