Windows 8 firewall turned on automatically after updates

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Hi there! I have a question about Windows 2008 updates. I updated my Windows and next morning and I noticed that the firewall of all my Windows 2008 R2 had been turned on. I believe GPO does not have policy that automatically enables Windows’ firewalls. Have any of you encountered the situation where the Windows 2008 Firewall is enabled on its own? I hope you can help me figure this out. Thank you.

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Windows 8 firewall turned on automatically after updates



There is no such option like that the Windows 2008 Firewall has that ability to enable on its own. There must be something that you don’t care or ignore it. If you turned off automatic update of windows and also Firewall then it will never run on its own.

Make sure that automatic update is turned off properly. And also turn off Windows 2008 Firewall properly as well. You will see a icon on the try bar shield with cross. That means Windows 2008 Firewall is properly turned off.

Some software installation requires Firewall turn on. Make sure you did not click yes or ok button about this type of agreement.

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