Windows 8 crashes and I have no idea to fix it.

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Hi experts,

My computer has some issues as it is having an error stating:

"Driver IRQL Not Less or Equal"

This PC is running Windows 8. I tried to fix it by changing the RAM. It has two RAM before I changed it. One 1GB and 512MB on two slots, then I changed the 512MB with 1GB, yet I am still getting the same error. After that, I received another error message that says:

"Kernel Mode Exception Not Handled" and then received another one with "Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap".

The computer restarted and Windows 8 begins the automatic repair then go to Restore mode. After restarting, it crashes and received the first error again. And I also get a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. What is the problem with my computer and how I can resolve this? Can someone please help me on this? I even try to install Comodo Firewall and Internet Protection program but my computer won't start anymore.



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Windows 8 crashes and I have no idea to fix it.



You said that you have got an error called WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. This means that hardware of your computer encountered an uncorrectable error. This is a very serious problem. This problem is only uncorrectable by Windows. You can correct this  by replacing the part or reverting to a previous driver, if this show you that a graphics card causes this issue that is a good news.

First do a driver check, install Driver Reviver to easily do this. Run it before you you enter safe mode then try to boot into safe mode. Press F8 when you turn on your PC. Go to advanced launch options, choose safe mode.

Uncorrectable error safe mode Windows 8

Then open start menu and search for device manager then launch it.

You should update each one of your drivers and if you get an error then roll back the driver that caused this error.

Also check your hard drive by using chkdsk. To run chkdsk go to start menu and search.

Windows 8 Error

This will also work for Windows memory diagnostic. If this faces a problem then you will know which part of your computer need to be replaced. If they don’t there is no problem. That means your computer’s power supply, or the motherboard has failed.

A motherboard failure means you can use your part but this will cause another problem and may have to purchase windows again. If power supply caused this problem just replace it.

Hope this will help you.

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