Windows 7 using Local Administrator account

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I have a Dell laptop ( Dell Latitude E4310 ) installed with Windows 7 Professional 32 bit and have 4 GB RAM and 320 GB HDD. The laptop is actually used by another person for daily activities, while I use a desktop for work. I have created a Windows Server ( Windows Server 2003 ) for Active Directory and joined both desktop and laptop to the domain.

Recently, the user wanted to install some updates, provided by several applications such as updating java and flash player and other applications as well. Windows 7 always asks user name and password for the administrator, so it can install the updates needed. And the user always asking me on how to do that, without actually having to come to me to install the updates.  This is because he is always traveling to some places and it would be hard to schedule a meeting with him.

Is there anyway, it can be done without me having to grant him the administrator rights for his account in Active Directory ? I mean if I create a local administrator account in the laptop, will he have some rights to the server as well, since I don't want him to be able to do that ?

I just want him to install applications in his laptop and not explore the server to his hearts content.



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Windows 7 using Local Administrator account


Hello Michael Carson,

  1. There is a very easy solution that you cannot imagine that it is so easy.
  2. Go to control panel from start menu or my computer.
  3. Go to Parental Controls. In there, you will see your computer administrator password protected account.
  4. Click on it. A dialog box will appear for the confirmation of CREATING STANDARD USER ACCOUNT AND APPLY PARENTAL CONTROLS TO IT. Press ok and do it and create a new account.

Thus you can solve your problem.

You can be sure that your main administrator is different from this newly created account. You have only shared some control over it. So don't worry about this

Thank you.

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Windows 7 using Local Administrator account


It is quite simple to solve this problem, if the other user is using a Window 7 and you are on Server 2003.  You can first  allot  different rights to each user, for each folder and it will be such that, if you give the rights of read only then user will be only for read purpose and if you give rights to read and write to user of Windows 7, then he can do both tasks.  

It is simple to configure the rights of user.  Just go to the properties of the folder, you are sharing and then check and uncheck the rights of the user, you want to change.

All these things will be applied in Server 2003 and it will be implemented in Window 7 and I am fully sure that it will work fine. Because when you have specified the rights of the user, then the user can use the folder in a way he wants to use and not in any other way.

So I think it will help you a lot.

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