Windows 7 Updates Download, But Fail to Install

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I'm using Windows 7 & my Windows Automatic Updates is Turned On.

When the Updates are Downloaded, it asks me for the Installation at the time of Shut Down.

It starts Installation before Shut Down, But sometimes it takes Windows too long to Install the Update, even if the size of the Update is very small.

Even sometimes it takes more than an hour, & become unresponsive, I have to Shut Down the System Manually.

The On Screen Message says, "Installing Updates, Do not Turn Off your Computer".

(Similar to the Screen below):

My PC Specifications are:

Windows 7 64bit,

C i5 3.0Ghz,

4GB DDR3 Ram.

I want to solve this problem, as I always want to have an Up-to-Date PC.

I would appreciate an early response.

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Windows 7 Updates Download, But Fail to Install



There might be some kind off virus which is resisting the installation of updates do first you have to scan your computer and repair your windows. Did you register your windows while you were installing the window? That’s the basic issue. Some times the unregistered windows can't be updated. If your window is registered and it’s still having a problem then check in your security alerts and update alerts from the menu bar in right side. If you are having a problem to do that then follow these instructions.

Go to 

  • My computer (right click)> properties>automatic update>recommended it as automatic and cancel notify on each update and also careful while shutting down computer to install update which recently downloaded from internet…


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Windows 7 Updates Download, But Fail to Install


That’s a very odd problem when installing updates on your computer thinking you have those specifications on your computer. One possible reason why it takes that long to install the update is a heavily fragmented hard disk. If your hard disk is too fragmented, accessing files or data access will be slow. Before installing any updates on your computer, first, perform maintenance on your system.

Download and install the Latest CCleaner. Once installed, run it and then clean your system. After this, download PC Tools Performance Toolkit. Follow the instructions to download and unpack and then install it. Once installed, start PC Tools, go to “Performance” tab and run “Clean Your Registry” and then “Compact Your Registry” one after the other.

After this, go to “Privacy” tab and run all the tools except “Bleach Disks” and “Shred Files”. Next, go back to the “Performance” tab and run “Defragment Disks”. Defragment drive C or the system drive. All these tasks will consume time so be patient. The longest of these tasks is the defragmenting of the drive which will depend on the size of your drive and the level of fragmentation.

Once you are finished defragmenting your drive, download Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and update your operating system. This is the latest and only Service Pack update for Microsoft Windows 7. It will prompt you to restart your computer at the end so just restart your computer. After this, installing updates from Windows Update should no longer take time to finish.

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