Windows 7 Issue on Task Scheduler

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I am running Windows 7 on my computer system, but an issue occurred related to Task Scheduler.

The error message says, “The task image is corrupt or has been tampered with. ”

This was the first time that I have encountered this kind of error.

This error keeps on bugging me, and I have no idea on how to get this error fixed.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

The task image is corrupt or has been tampered with

Task Scheduler


User_Feed_Synchronization-(1A0FF850-02CB-4088-9D3F-2BC617AC6864): The task image is corrupt or has been tampered with.


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Windows 7 Issue on Task Scheduler


I will guide you to do the below mentioned steps:

Here are the steps to re-build Task Scheduler:
Registry Disclaimer: With the help of these steps, you can modify system registry. Nevertheless, one thing should be kept in mind that if you have done incorrect registry modification, then some serious issues may occur.
So, be careful about that you are following the steps properly. For risk-free modification, you should copy the registry before modification.
If you are facing any tangle in between modification, then you can restore the registry again. To know more about the copy and restore the registry, you can click related articles to read within the Microsoft information Base:
Here are the steps to copy and restore the registry in Windows:
1. Go to Start button > Search tab > Type regedit.exe > Click the Enter button. You should get a compliance prompt. Then click Yes button.
2. Now come to this subsequent location. HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrent VersionSchedule key. After reaching it deletes its subkeys.
3. Finally Save the changes you have made and exit from the registry editor.
Here you need to check if Task Scheduler works or not.
Backup scheduled task is corrupted some way and guess this is creating this problem.
Method 1:
I suggest you to do these following steps:
1. First open task scheduler (either run taskschd.msc from RUN dialog box or from a command-prompt window).
2. Go through this way Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > WindowsBackup folder.
3. From here delete AutomaticBackup task.
4. Furthermore, delete Windows Backup Monitor task.
5. Now you can try to re-configure file backup.
Method 2:
If the above method not working in task scheduler UI, you should attempt for the following steps:
1. First, you need to open an elevated command-prompt.
2. Cd %windir%system32tasksMicrosoftWindowsWindowsBackup.
3. Now delete AutomaticBackup.
4. Again delete "Windows Backup Monitor."
5. Finally try to re-configure file backup.
I think this information is useful for you and let me know if you need any further help.
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Windows 7 Issue on Task Scheduler


Hi Ann,

You only need to find the corrupted image and delete it.

You can follow these steps to find the image:

1. Click Windows key and “r” to run the search bar (See image below),

2. Copy paste this text there – C:WindowsSystem32Tasks,

3. Because you are using Windows 7 and if log in from user accounts OS may ask to “continue”, click on continue,

4. Now check all files and delete the image file which is not opening and showing the error.

I am sure you will solve it.

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