Windows 7 Installed along with Windows XP does not work

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Laptop Configurations:

  • HDD- 580 GB
  • RAM – 2 GB
  • Graphic card – Nvidia
  • Processor – Inter core 2 duo

I had Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit installed on my laptop but one of my favorite game total overdose wasn't working in it, that's why I decided to install Windows XP with service pack3 without removing Windows 7 thinking that both OS can work together.

Windows XP installed successfully but then I couldn't run Windows 7 on my laptop. I tried running Windows 7 startup repair but no luck. Then I formatted the drive in which the Windows XP was installed, still Windows 7 is not running. Now I re-installed my Windows XP with service pack 3 and I am stuck with this only. Please suggest a way to get back my Windows 7 back as it was before installing Windows 7.

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Windows 7 Installed along with Windows XP does not work


Dear Daryl,

May these solutions help you solve your problem.

  • I understand that you are trying to create a DUAL BOOT SYSTEM as you have installed two (2) Operating System on your   hard drive. I suggest you make a Clean Installation of both operating system that you will be using on separate drives. Since you have intentionally reformatted both drives, I suppose you have saved all your files as well;  Therefore, after reformatting it, all the data and files from both drives are now gone and is ready for Clean Installation.

A Clean Installation means that your drive must be formatted and all the data in it will be erased.  The main reason for opting a clean installation of an operating system is to remove viruses. It can completely eliminate viruses when the hard drive is formatted. It can also eliminate corrupted registry entries. A clean installation of an operating system can resolve issues like system failures, crashing, hang-ups, and other issues.

  • You need to acquire Genuine Operating System for both Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows XP. In some cases, PC Game Software requires specific components to an operating system for an update from the Internet in order for the game to run properly. Having a genuine operating system helps protect your PC from viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs. You gain access to the latest software update and latest product features so that PC can perform at its best.
  • You can either install Microsoft Windows 7 first or the Microsoft Windows XP. Make sure to unplug all external devices before you boot from the operating system disk such as MIC, webcam, printers, and other devices to prevent unwanted problems.
  • In creating the partitioned space for your operating system, I suggest that you allocate a larger partitioned space for the Microsoft Windows 7 to be installed because it has a bigger file than Microsoft XP.
  • In the process of operating system installation from the disk, you must fill the necessary data entry forms when needed and type the correct license key to prevent installation failure. Do not yet remove the operating system disk until the installation is complete.
  • Update the operating system through the Internet. It will update and install additional features of the program.
  • Check the minimum requirements of the game software. It is much better if your computer unit exceeds the requirement to maximize the game features and prevent unwanted problems from occurring.
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Windows 7 Installed along with Windows XP does not work


Windows 7 is not compatible to play total over dose. But in Windows Vista and Windows XP, the game works well.  

When we try to run (install) XP and Windows 7 together, there are many problems that occur. Sometimes the installation itself may  fail. Try to Install Windows Vista and Windows 7. They don’t cause any trouble.

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