Windows 7 Hibernate & Data Loss Problem

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Good Evening Friends,

I'm using Windows 7 on my laptop, I often use Hibernate option.

Mostly, it works fine & as soon as I Click the Hibernate button, it takes about a minute or less, and my laptop gets Hibernated. Everything is saved when the session is opened in the future.

But sometimes it takes a long time & becomes unresponsive.

The power & hard disk lights remain on, which shows the PC is not hibernated. Ultimately I've to turn it off manually & later on, when I turn it On, all my Information is lost as the laptop was not hibernated & was stuck during the last session.

Please help me out with this problem. Thanks.

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Windows 7 Hibernate & Data Loss Problem


There are at least two different types of hibernation problems. One problem is that your computer is not waking up properly. Alternatively your problem is there is no Hibernate option on the Windows 7 Shut Down menu. In both cases check the 'Allow hybrid sleep' setting.

1) For any hibernation problems the easiest solution is to set 'Allow hybrid sleep' to: 'Off'.  

By design, hybrid incorporates both Sleep and Hibernate, thus you only see Sleep on the Shutdown menu. Also, by default, desktops are set to 'Allow hybrid sleep :On'.

Trap: Before you can change any of the Balanced settings, first you must click on Change settings that are currently unavailable. 

2) Another problem with hibernation is caused because Windows 7 does not have enough free disk space. Machine needs same as, the size of  RAM. 

3) An over-active Disk Cleanup program may cause the Hibernate option to disappear. If Hibernate does not appear on the Shutdown menu, then open a command prompt and check with:
Powercfg -q

If this was your problem, for future reference you could remove the tick next to 'Hibernation File Cleaner' in the Disk Cleanup settings.

 Next turn on Hibernate 

3a) Check for errors 

 Incidentally, this gives errors and warnings – even when the computer awoke from sleep gracefully. However, the point is that the information in the html report may point you to which devices need further investigation and driver updates

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