Windows 7 Custom install fails when expanding files

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I have 2 Promotional Windows 7 Ultimate DVDs with the unlocking key received directly from Microsoft. Run the Install with the first DVD no partition.  Copied files, Stopped when expanding files at 4%.

Then tried to rerun the installation with 2nd DVD.  The previous install created 2 partitions.  One of that was 100MB and another was the rest of the disk.  Based on one web post I formatted the 100MB partition and I selected the rest of the disk partition (37GB) to install Windows 7. It Copied files but stopped when expanding files at 4%. 

On Google the diagnosis for such error messages, seemed to be related to the media.  I had a second media from Microsoft and have exactly the same result.

The exact error message is:

"Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing.  Make sure all files required for the installation are available. And restart the installation.  Error code 0x80070570".

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Windows 7 Custom install fails when expanding files


The partition that was 100 MB contains, the previous system data that if we want to restore some system data during crash of some installation.

The problem in there, could be caused by the CD/DVD ROM when the data is read.

Sometimes the CD/DVD-ROM could've failed to read / write some data, even though it shows nothing, but when we try to run these data, some errors would appear.  This could be a problem with the lens or the ROM cable.

According to these problems, here are some solutions that I can give you:

  1. Using a lens cleaner, try to clean your CD/DVD ROM.  Now you can install again without any problem.
  2. If you have some experience on hardware, you can try to open your CPU casing, if no, you can try do this with carefully.  Even this wouldn't cause any serious problems, if you just follow these instructions.  Unplug any cables that are connected to the CD/DVD ROM, plug again and make sure all cables are plugged right. If the problem is caused by the cables, now these problems should be solved.
  3. If these two solution couldn't solve your problem, try to use/rent any CD/DVD ROM from your friend then plug that into your computer & try using them.  If these errors don't appear again, that means your CD/DVD ROM has problems & you need to service your CD/DVD ROM or buy a new one.

Hope these solutions help you. Regards, John Rick

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Windows 7 Custom install fails when expanding files



This may be due to the following reasons:

1) I think your windows file or installer may be corrupted/damaged.

2) Your system is not compatible with windows 7. You should check system requirements.

3) Maybe your DVD got some damage and getting error problems.

Check out this following points and try installing the windows in other computer from this DVD.

Hope this helps

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