Windows 2008 group policies problem

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Our default domain policy contains a list of trusted sites for the whole company. But there is a one site we want to remove for only specified group of user's I have tried creating another policy at the OU level that one site but when i enforce it locks out the user's ability to add their own sites, we want them to still be able to do that.

I'm confusing and please read this also i managed to remove site from one account when enforcing the second policy.

But when i unlinked the policy to get the site back, the site stays removed, no matter which system i log on with that account, or if i wipe the profile.

Why is the site staying removed.

How can i get it back (without re creating the account obviously)

Please some one answer.

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Windows 2008 group policies problem



Set up of your test environment like below:

  • Create new OU – for an example create OU name test.
  • Create a new user (user 1) and put it inside of test OU.
  • Create the different trusted sites group and add it to the same OU.
  • Create the two GPOs and link to the same OU also.
  • Then test with the user 1 membership created above (on the different trusted sites group or not) and see if the setup works as you want.

Important – never panic before reboot.

Try above step and let me know, if you need more instruction just let me know.

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