Windows 7 error message pops out

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I am running Windows 7 and this error pops up, “BAD_POOL_HEADER”. I don’t really know what it is.

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Windows 7 error message pops out


Hi, True,

check with K9 support as there could be a problem with compatibility with SP1. It is not unusual for certain conditions to be present for these issues to pop up. So the USB drive being hooked up could be the final straw on a unstable situation created by k9 or even other causes.

There are even aggravations which are not the root cause yet will provoke some issues into being more prevalent or less sporadic.

Glad to have helped.

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Windows 7 error message pops out


Hi there!

This happens when a driver does not properly allocated memory. Some causes are: Bad hardware, driver issues with NTFS file system or corrupt software program.

  • If you cannot boot windows with this error then you should boot in Safe Mode and do a system restore.
  • Always install the latest service pack available. (Check your OS website)
  • Install the latest hardware drivers such us video card, external hard drive, sound card.
  • Check for latest update of software or programs you use on your computer
  • Be sure the driver you install is compatible with the software that you use
  • Run Scandisk and see if there a problem with your disk drive
  • Bad hardware: memory, hard drive etc.

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