Winamp Plugins touchscreen is not working.

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Hi guys,

Winamp plugins touchscreen is not working. I just got my new Samsung touchscreen and was excited to download some android applications or software. One of my download is the winamp plug in for listening mp3 music. It doesn’t play all the music that I will select and it crashes. I need some solution.

Expecting some help, thank you.

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Winamp Plugins touchscreen is not working.



Dear Madison

I have read your question and I understand that your win amp is crashing while you try to listen to your mp3 music on your new Samsung touchscreen

Most of the time when a program crashes it is because it contains a file that is corrupted so in order to verify that, try these solutions:

Try another program with your touch screen just to make sure the problem is not in your touch screen

First of all you need to perform a system scan for viruses, then restart your computer and try to open win amp again

Second you need to disable the plugins ( it might be corrupted ) and see if it will work

If it won’t work, then you need to go to control panel, then uninstall programs, then chose the win amp and uninstall it completely from your computer

Third you need to download the latest version from win amp.

Restart your computer and try again 

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