Win64 not supported – Error Message

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I installed 3.0 and then wanted to uninstall it but got an error message: Win64 not supported

So then I setup 3.01 above it with no trouble but I attempted uninstalling to notice if I found the error again and I did. Mention that, I didn’t find any problems in version 2. In 3.0, this started.

An Alert

Win64 not supported

The author of the package you are installing did not include support for this platform.

I need to solve it. Please help.


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Win64 not supported – Error Message


Hi Caroline,

Are you using Mac or Windows?

Try to check the compatibility of the software and your machine build. It could be that your machine doesn’t support x64. Go to where you have said your software and right-click on it. After that, click on “troubleshoot compatibility”. After that, click “Start the program”. Wait until the process is done. Restart your computer and try again.

If the above solution doesn’t solve this error, then try using 32 bit version of the software.

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Win64 not supported – Error Message


Hello Carol,

You are getting that error most likely because the iawin64_x64.dll is missing on your computer in the following directory: $USER_INSTALL_DIR$/uninstall/resource/ (you probably have "iawin32.dll").

You will therefore need to add the file during the installation phase. That way it will allow the uninstallation of the 64 bit. • The second workaround that I will recommend will be to get the 64-bit dll version from the following directory: C:Program Files…..InstallAnywhere resourcenativetoolswindows.

After that locate the Install tab of InstallAnywhere, on your computer and then choose the "uninstall" folder and then place this "iawin64_x64.dll" into subfolder referred to as "resource".

Make sure that you use the correct rules for this action to suit the needs of your project.



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