Win32 guided tour application is not valid?

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I'm having a problem running win32 guided tour application on 64 bit windows OS.

The application is running smoothly on a 32 windows OS server 2003 but migrating it to 64 bit error always occurs.

It says that it is not valid given the right keygen.

I have made research and I've learn it is done with 64 bit, wondering why I'm encountering such problem.

Is there any way to solve this error?


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Win32 guided tour application is not valid?


Most win32 applications will not run on 64-bit Windows operating system. This is because of the version’s limitations and for the reason that its components are not compatible and will surely not run on a 64-bit platform. But not all programs are like this. There are 32-bit applications that are installable on a 64-bit Windows.

If you are sure that there are users that made it possible to install the win32 guided tour application on a 64-bit platform then maybe that version is really meant for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. If this is the case then you should check the version you have if it’s the same as to the other user’s version. If it’s a different version then you just need to download that version to make it work on your 64-bit Windows platform.

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Win32 guided tour application is not valid?


I don’t think it will run on Windows Server 2003 if the Windows guided tour application is from a different operating system. The Windows Guided Tour application is designed for specific Microsoft Windows operating system and normally every version of Microsoft Windows includes this program. It normally appears automatically right after you install Microsoft Windows.

So, since the Windows Guided Tour application you tried to install is from a 32-bit Microsoft Windows and you are using 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2003 that will definitely not work. In Microsoft Windows XP, the Windows Guided Tour application is located in “Accessories” in the Start menu. In Windows Server 2003, try visiting the “Accessories” folder in the Start menu and look for the Windows Guided Tour application.

The extended support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 had ended on July 14, 2015. This means Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for any version of Windows Server 2003. Try to consider migrating to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.

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