Win32 application on a windows 64 bit platforms

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I run successfully a win 32 guided tour application on a windows XP 32 bit. Kind a bit worried if I can execute the application on a windows 64 bit. There are a lot of available platforms having a 64 bit windows such as Windows Server 2003 or windows 7. Keygen is not a problem with me. Just don't want to risk anything like this.


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Win32 application on a windows 64 bit platforms


Hello Hannah,

You will not be able to execute a win 32 application on windows 64 bit because those are two platforms that are incompatible to each other, unless the application you have is one of those special cases that have been verified to run on both platforms successfully.

So what you will need to do is the following:
Check the application that you have and see if it can be able to run on both applications successfully. If the application has a user manual it will help you with that.
If it cannot run on windows 64 bit, you will need to get an alternative application to it that is a 32 bit version and use it for installation.

Hope this helps.



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