Win 7 computer takes too long to shut down

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My computer with a Windows 7 OS, has been acting up on me lately. It's supposed to shut down quickly, but now, the Shutting down screen stays for several minutes. I read that it's caused by a page file and I can fix it by editing the registry. I'm not sure if it should do that. What are your recommendations?

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Win 7 computer takes too long to shut down

If you are not a newbie, then do change or edit the registry. You can do this by going to the start menu first then type regedit.  The registry editor will appear. Change the values in the above keys, save and restart. 
To change the values, do the following:
1. Look for the key { HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management},
2. Change the value of ClearPageFile at Shutdown to a 0 If the value is 1, which caused the delay in shutting down your computer. 
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