Will Windows Phone apps run on Windows 8?

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Sure, the Metro tile interface works on small and large screens and actually comes from Windows Phone 7. So too does touch friendliness, but the ability to run Windows 8 and Window Phone apps on either platform would be an advantage that Apple can't yet equal, though stay tuned for next week's OS X Lion launch. This interoperability also would beef up the lagging catalog of Windows Phone apps.


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Will Windows Phone apps run on Windows 8?


Window smart phones are the revolutionary invention that Microsoft had done. Windows operating system foe phones protect the place of the Microsoft’s in the smart phone industry.

But This Microsoft operating systems for smart phones are not very famous among the mobile phone application developers. That’s because the less compatibility with the PC Operating Systems and strictness of the inter compatibility of the smart phone operating systems.  

However according to the Windows 8 operating system, yes the apps in windows phones will run in the Windows 8 operating system.

Especially y the design of the Windows 8 operating system is seems to be compatible with the Windows smart phones applications.

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