Wikipedia post about a site. What are the rules?

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Hi All,

I have been around this site for a while and been a regular visitor for this site. Google shows this site as the first 3 results for most of the issues i search and its got proven solutions. Thank you all.

Here is my question.

Wikipedia post about a site. What are the rules?

I have a website that's a year old and i want to get it into wiki. Is there a way to do it?

What are the rules?



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Wikipedia post about a site. What are the rules?



With regards to posting a website in Wikipedia, you have to create a link/URL on a page in the site itself, whether you’d like to put it in a link, article or reference material for the said topic your website is about. Since Wikipedia is a Free content site, you can basically edit the articles. But you have to watch out for their ADMINS. They actually watch out for vandalism.

To be able to post  your website in WIKI. You just have to have a CONFIRMED account first. They have certain standards for you to have access to technical abilities to edit content on the site.  Or you can just find an article that is related to your website, then you can request for an edit for that particular article. You just have to be clear on what you want. Just click on the VIEW SOURCE tab then you will see the “Submit an edit request" link. It should take about 23 to 24 hours for the request to be read and addressed. After sending your request it would still go through their policies so be sure to review them before hand. I’ll include most of the rules and policies that they have for you to be able to review them and hopefully get your request processed faster.

Policies to be considered for approving an edit request.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Their help site

Click here


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Wikipedia post about a site. What are the rules?


Dear Specialist,

It is actually a very good question indeed. It is a very easy but lengthy process. You can follow the following steps to post an article about your site in Wikipedia:

1. Go to the site: Click here

2. On the top right corner, click "Login/ Create Account"

3. If you have an account, login, or else create an account and then login.

4. Then open the Article Wizard. The direct link to it is:Click here

5. Click the "Create an article now" button.

6. Then just follow the steps on the site, where Wikipedia tells you about their rules and regulations of articles and if you meet the requirements they'll let you post the article. But if you do not have sufficient time and already know the rules and regulations, you can just go to the direct page with the link:  Click Here

7. Create your article.

Just to let you know, Wikipedia prefers writers who already have experience on articles to maintain their standards, so recommend you to edit a few articles before you post a new one on your own, but it is not necessary.

Hope this helped you.


Swad Mahfuz

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Wikipedia post about a site. What are the rules?


Wikipedia post about a site. What are the rules?

Wikipedia is free content encyclopedia with an openly editable model. Wikipedia is written by largely anonymous Internet volunteers who write without pay.

Anyone can create his own Article and upload his media file, images on Wikipedia for free of cost. You can add references, charts, images and other related material. You can add references of any site in your article. You can protect your article from editing. This is the only way you can add a reference of your own site and get your site into Wiki.

Since Wikipedia allows anyone to edits the result is most of the people editing only for links to sites of their personal interest.

To create article or upload your personal material follow the steps below:

·         Create Account on Wikipedia.

·         Go to upload file from the tool box.               

·         Select Article Wizard and follow the instruction.

For rules visit the link: Click Here

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