Wifi and Bluetooth problem in HTC Desire HD.

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I bought the HTC Desire HD Android 2.2.1 with built-in Software Number 1.72.405.3. But after two days, my Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections have started to failed.

When I go to Settings to enable Wi-Fi, it says "Turning on…” for a few seconds, and then reports "Error".

And when I try to turn on Bluetooth it says "Turning on.." for a few seconds, and then nothing happens.

I have read that a software update caused similar issues in the past. But I have been on version 2.2.1 for some time, so why is it I'm having this problem only now?

The customer service in HTC's advice that I can try a factory reset – Settings -> SD & Phone Storage -> Factory data reset, but this didn't fix the problem.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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Wifi and Bluetooth problem in HTC Desire HD.



Have you checked the battery area where your wireless antenna is located? That are must be clean and try to turn on again your wifi and bluetooth but if it still doesn't fix the problem it could be that you downloaded some apps or some updates and it "bugged" your wifi and bluetooth settings but since you already did a factory reset, it could also mean that there is something wrong with your phone. Maybe a visit to HTC's customer center could help you out with your wifi and bluetooth problems, show them what's happening when you try to turn on your Desire's wifi and bluetooth. There is really a possibility that it is a hardware problem.

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