Why Wolfenstien game is crashning?

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Hi guys,

I want to ask a question and that is how why my Wolfenstien game is crashing while I'm playing. It crashes many times and I have to close the game using task manager in Windows and start it again. Please tell me how to fix this problem? Any help would be appreciated.


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Why Wolfenstien game is crashning?



There are many causes that might make Wolfenstein crash so many times. The issue might be because of hardware or software trouble.

First, make sure that your system is not running out of RAM space. It’s recommended to have at least 4GB RAM installed. Though the system requirements say much less, no game can run smoothly without such large free RAM space.

Next, make sure that your game installation isn’t corrupted. Uninstall the Wolfenstein, install it completely new. If you’re installing from a CD/DVD, you should retrieve a completely fresh one because the older one might contain corrupted installation data that makes the installation process successful but running the game unsuccessful.

Make sure that graphics card and driver is on order. Depending on the manufacturer of your graphics card, download and install the latest driver for your hardware. Also, make sure that the game is running on low graphical details if your GPU isn’t powerful enough.

Your PC system might also be causing this issue. Clean your PC with CCleaner, Wise Care 365 etc. They are good ones and do their job perfectly.

From the game's developer site, search for any patch. If the coding of the game is bad, such trouble might occur. Installing a bad patch might also occur this trouble. So, run the game without installing any patch and installing the latest patch.

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