Why will I use express edition software in oracle?

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Now I am having a course about MySQL. I use oracle 10g, but my instructor has told me to use express edition software in oracle. Is there any difference in normal and express edition software? But I am enough comfortable in oracle 10g.

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Why will I use express edition software in oracle?



Your instructor told you to use express edition because is a great starter database for educational institution and students, cause they need free database. First of all, Oracle Database Express Edition it’s free. You can use for develop and deploy, distribute, prototyping and running applications. There is also some limitation. Express Edition is limited to a one database on one server, may use available memory to 1 GB RAM and store 4GB of user data, can be installed on multiple CPU server, but can only use one CPU in any server. For Oracle Database Express Edition you don’t have technical support, phone support and updates, only support you can find is at oracle discussion forum.

Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition is not free. Usually is used for deployment in a medium business environments, for organizations support between 1 to 1000 users. Oracle 10g have online development environment who is built directly into the database and allows to developers to built database applications using Web browser. Oracle 10g is supported on single server to a maximum of 4 CPU and clustered server environment with 4 CPU in cluster.


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