Why there is no sound in PS3 while using VGA HDMI?

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Recently, I bought a PS3 but it doesn’t give any sound when I connect with a VGA HDMI and it is not working properly and showing graphical defects in my old TV. Is there any way to fix it or do I have to buy another TV.

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Why there is no sound in PS3 while using VGA HDMI?


Solution 1:

You cannot connect VGA to HDMI without VGA to HDMI adapter and a sound cable. It will not work properly, if you are simply connecting with a cable. In 99% of cases, VGA cables transmit analog signals. HDMI and DVI are transmitting digital signals.

Step 1: Connect the VGA cable with PS3 and Converter box.

Step 2: Connect the audio cable with PS3 audio output and converter box.

Step 3: Connect HDMI cable to TV and converter box. Step 4: Give power to the converter box.

Solution 2:

If VGA-HDMI cable is not providing sound, then check there is any audio port is available in PS3. If available, connect an external speaker with PS3. If audio port is available in PS3, then take a cable and connect the cable with audio port of PS3 and audio in Of TV.

Solution 3:

Check the PS3 for HDMI port. If both TV and PS3 are having HDMI port, then connects those two.

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