Why is there a mountain lion email delay?

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Why is there a mountain lion email delay?

This operating system is working fine.

Is it my internet connection that is having a problem now?

I am using dlink router.

Thank you.

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Why is there a mountain lion email delay?


Hello Christopher,

A delay may occur as a result of the obvious reasons such as slow internet connectivity to more complex ones such as this given below;

1. Excessive Login Items

This occurs when you have too many items set to log in automatically. As a result mountain lion tends to become unresponsive.

2. Indexing Not Finished

Index takes to increase the CPU usage and as such other application tend to slow.

3. Too Many Upgrades

The best solution for this would be install mountain lion a fresh instead of performing upgrades each time.

4. Incompatible Apps and Conflicts

This happens when the existing software tends to conflict with mountain lion.

Always ensure the version you are using is compatible with your device’s configurations.

These are just a few reasons you could obtain many more and their remedies from http://www.chriswrites.com/12-reasons-why-your-mac-runs-slow-with-mountain-lion/


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Why is there a mountain lion email delay?


Seems like this problem with the email in Mountain Lion has affected lots of users and some even wished they did not upgraded to Mountain Lion and just stayed using Lion. There is one who tried fixing it by fixing the disk permissions but it only worked for him and not for other users.

Here is one solution that worked for the rest of the users that got affected by this problem. First, make sure you already have contacts in iCloud. If you don’t have contacts in iCloud, backup your contacts first in iCloud to make sure you won’t loose any of your contacts. Next, click on the Apple menu and go to System Preferences then select iCloud and then uncheck Contacts.

After this, you need delete or trash the AddressBook folder located in “/Users/[your_name]/Library/Application Support/AddressBook”. If removing the AddressBook folder is giving you a problem, quit Mail and Contacts. And again, if you don’t have contacts in iCloud, just rename the folder instead of removing it. After this, restart your computer. After booting, click on the Apple menu then System Preferences and then select iCloud.

Check Contacts. After this, when you open Contacts, it should synchronize with iCloud. Mail and Messages should work fine after this.

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