Why should I install MCafee firewall?

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Hello everyone!

My friend told me to try McAfee for my computer`s anti-virus. I just want to ask, why should I install the McAfee firewall?

Does it have more benefits than Avira and other antivirus? 


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Why should I install MCafee firewall?


Dear user,

McAfee, one of the world’s top computer security companies, it has a Virus Scan Plus option which can detect any type of virus. It has also introduced a Family Protection program for users with children, you can put blocks on certain websites by this anti virus. It is capable to fight off malicious software programs and prevent someone from taking a peek in your computer.

You can have all of this in one package if you install McAfee antivirus in your computer.

Hope this will help you.

Thank you.

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Why should I install MCafee firewall?


Hello Justin, You can try McAfee for your computer.

It is a good anti virus. It has a good quality of virus protection either from internet, from USB devices or from any other source. It does not make slow your computer while other anti virus can be the cause of the slowness of your computer. It is easy to use and it does not take much time to update components.

These are the reason why you should use McAfee.

Thank you.

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Why should I install MCafee firewall?


Dear Justin_angelie,

I have read your question and I understand that you want to install McAfee anti-virus and firewall so you need more information about the product benefit and how it is different from other programs.

Each anti-virus program has it is own benefits and it differs from a person to another regarding system requirements prices (if it is a full version) speed of the program performance and of course the most important is your own experience with the program regarding virus detect and remove.

1. McAfee is one of the oldest and powerful anti-virus programs, and if you are going to have McAfee anti-virus program then it is recommended to have the firewall as well to get full protection for your computer while you are using the internet, it blocks unwanted program and site from accessing your computer just with one click and also asks you permission whether you want a certain site from opening or not, but you can also use your windows firewall if you don’t want to download McAfee anti-virus.

2. Avira also is another anti-virus software, it is almost the same as McAfee but McAfee protects against Trojans and worms which are very common virus types, also Avira support Windows XP, vista and 7, but McAfee also supports windows 8

Best of Luck.

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Why should I install MCafee firewall?


Hi Justine,

There is no harm in trying different kinds of antivirus, instead you the user is the weakest part of the system. Even if you are using the most powerful antivirus if you are not aware of the program or application you are executing a virus or a malware will still reside in your system.

You should be aware that prevention is better than cure. Curing things sometimes may spread the virus if you don’t have enough knowledge to do this. On the other hand, even if are using the weakest antivirus, if you are very much aware in the processes of your system a virus cannot reside in the system.


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Why should I install MCafee firewall?


Hi Justin,

That's a good question you have asked. It is not a must you install McAfee firewall but it is necessary for the firewall adds a lot in cleaning the desktop and any unwanted malware.

It is really important in protection of the computer from bugs or viruses also from the internet by blocking any suspicious websites.

McAfee firewall on Suspicious Website

McAfee firewall provides full application visibility and control, attack protection to improve network security. The best advantage it has over other firewalls is control over applications and it allows access only to beneficial element sites such as Facebook.

Firewall Control

Despite having all these privileges, you may need to have the latest definitions at any time. You need to update your antivirus regularly.

McAfee firewall acts as a system administrator over the other firewalls and applications in that it controls over any applications or software's that should be accessed by your system.

I hope this solves your query.


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