Why my WLAN is refusing to off?

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Why is my laptop WI if difficult to off after it was switched on? Whenever I switch on the Wi-Fi of my system, to switch off the Wi-Fi is almost impossible. These started after I install new VPN software. The most annoying thing is that I can’t even control who uses my Wi-Fi as anybody within reach can easily connect to my Wi-Fi.

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Why my WLAN is refusing to off?


Firstly check your VPN software. To switch Off your WiFi, try following steps.
1. Disconnect your Power cable from the modem. Make sure that the cable is disconnected for at least 3-5 minutes.
2. Check if all computers which are connected to the network are shut down. If they are not then shut down all the connected computers.
3. Disconnect the Power cable from the wireless router.
4. Verify whether the broadband modem and the Network cable is connected into the Internet.
5. Connect the power cable to Broadband modem and wait for 5-6 minutes for initialization of modem.
6. Connect the power cable to the wireless router. Wait for at least 2-4 minutes for the initialization of wireless router.
7. Switch on the System.
8. Check whether you can Off the WiFi of your system.
9. Now, Set new Password for your Router.

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