Why my Windows show Windows update error 708?

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Hi everyone,

I want to know solution to my problem please answer me ASAP. I have Acer PC with Windows 7 installed on it and I keep my PC updated always and tried to update my PC today also, but the problem is when I clicked on update the update started and then fter few minutes it displayed Windows update error 708. Please help me solve this ASAP.

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Why my Windows show Windows update error 708?



  • If the Operating System becomes overloaded
  • If an invalid system refers
  • If corrupted and deleted registry file remains
  • If lacking of regular PC maintenance
  • If crashes start to become problematic



  • Newly installed of Operating System
  • Referring valid system
  • Permanently delete the corrupted and deleted registry
  • Regular PC maintenance



Download the repair tool “Error 708” from internet and install it on your system and repair.


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Why my Windows show Windows update error 708?


There are also other users that have this issue with Windows Update but a different error code and not just a 3-digit code. Check first if you have an active internet connection. Open your web browser then open a website. If there’s a problem, check the network cable at the back of your CPU. Unplug the network cable from the network port then plug it in again.

Check with your web browser again if you can connect to the internet. If you are using a wireless broadband such as a 3G or 4G wireless broadband USB modem, check your location if it has a good signal reception. If you have a poor signal, transfer to another location where there is good signal.

Another possible reason is if you are doing the update during peak hours. If this is the case, try doing the Windows Update again during off peak hours so the network has less traffic. Also, it would be better to update your operating system to Service Pack 1 if you haven’t updated yet. Download and install Windows 7 Service Pack 1. This is currently the latest Service Pack for Microsoft Windows 7.

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