Why is my Unix file system filling up so fast?

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In my Unix network the Unix file system fills up really quickly. But earlier it never used to be like this.

Earlier it took longer than, it is taking now to fill up, but since the last 2 months it has filled up really quickly.

What can be done to resolve it?

And what are the reasons for it to fill up so fast?

Thank you.

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Why is my Unix file system filling up so fast?



I am familiar with the situation that you are facing. I also had the same problem with the Ubuntu operating system a few months ago.

The first thing that I did is to find out what is the reason to fill up the hard disk. I found out three files that appear in the root directory with unusual names and it’s filled with many files.

Sizes of those files are increasing day by day.

Actually the thing that I did is, reinstall the operating system. I solved the problem but it is not a solution.

To my knowledge the main reason for this issue is the wrong structure of the file system.

To resolve the issue, you might want to try downloading Disk Usage Analyzer so you’ll know which part(folder) it taking most of spaces.


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Why is my Unix file system filling up so fast?


Hello Ryan,

If the system is filling up so fast then that means that you are saving a lot of documents on the system. Since it is a UNIX system we cannot say that it is infected by a virus which may be replicated and taking up space on the system, since Unix system are not vulnerable to virus attacks.

If you are downloading a lot of files from the internet, and then they could be the ones taking up more space on the system. I will suggest that you get and external hard drive and backup all the downloads that you make and all other files that you may not need to use frequently on the system to empty it and create some space on it.


Mahesh Babu

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