Why is my pc always running disk check when starting?

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When I try to boot my computer it began running Disk Check.  I just allow it to finish the check and it gets no error. My question is, why does it keep on doing a disk check? Is something wrong with my system? How do I turn that off?

Please help. Thanks.

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Why is my pc always running disk check when starting?



Hi Jho Hemley,


Is your hard disk drive’s partition in FAT32 format? If so, you will frequently have a disk check going every time you boot your computer. If you have the ability to change your file system to ntfs, then you will fix this problem. Another cause of this Disk Check error is a defective power supply. A power supply that cuts off the power directly even though the computer was not yet able to complete the shutdown process. To solve this, kindly change your power supply to a newer and to a higher wattage capacity. Thirdly, an unresponsive Antivirus can cause your computer to perform disk checking everytime. When an antivirus suddenly changes a file from your drive, the computer considers it as a bad script that’s why every after a reboot will be made. CHKDSK utility will be started.



Rana Gani

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