Why my desktop icons go extra large everytime?

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Hi guys, I have windows XP but don't know which operating system in particular like 2000 or 2003.So I have a problem with it that every time in few days or take it as once in a week the desktop icons go bold and extra large without making any changes when opened any any files and documents even they appear fluffy kind and large is it due to virus or what please help me to fix this.

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Why my desktop icons go extra large everytime?


To make sure you are not infected, try updating your antivirus then run a full system scan on your entire hard drive. Normally, when you are infected, the virus cripples the operating system like disabling of the Windows Task Manager, cannot start the command prompt, icons on the desktop starts disappearing, the computer starts very slow, and others.

But if none of these happens on your computer then your computer is probably clean. But scan it just to make sure. If the only changes you notice are with the font styles used in the icons then somebody must have changed it. You see, when you change the font format on your desktop, that change is applied globally.

Meaning, the applications that use the operating system’s default font formatting will have the visible effect of the font change. To check and fix the change in the font setting, click Start, Control Panel, Appearance and Themes, and then select Display. Select Appearance tab. In “Font size” located in the lower part of the dialog box, select Normal. See image.

After that, click Effects. Uncheck “Use large icons” then click OK. This restores your desktop icons to the default size. See image.

Click OK then see if it changes your desktop’s appearance back to the way it was.

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