Why my Browser perform very slow ?

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I want to ask you a question about computer internet browser "Mozilla Firefox" that i face maximum times although i have set this browser perfectly for browsing. Problem is it is very slow at my computer. Maybe it's a very simple questions, i have disable load images and many more things to make it fast, but its still slow.

Can anyone help me to make it fast for use? I know its a very good browser.
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Why my Browser perform very slow ?


This is very common when you are running Firefox. I am not sure of the reason why Firefox is acting slow sometimes but here us a trick to restore the Firefox old copy without needing to re-install it.

1. Launch Firefox and then export your bookmarks and make it as file on your C: drive.

2. Click Start and click Run. Type Firefox.exe -P on the run box and click OK.


3. Click the Create Profile button without changing on your default profile.


When starting Firefox on new profile, the speed will not be better. Import the bookmarks that you just saved above. If you have created any changes on the Firefox dictionary, copy the persdict.dat word list from the old profile folder to the new one. You won't have any old Firefox add-ons on the profile but your browser won't monopolize the CPU.

If you want to go back to the old profile, just type Firefox -P and click the old profile, your data will not be lost.

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Why my Browser perform very slow ?


Hi jamelucky,

The answer is if you are using Firefox.com Ms windows OS do this:
Always go on menu bar > Tools > Options > network tab > Offline Storage > clear Now > Ok.
You will have freed the cache memory Also you should clear History Menu bar > Tools > Clear recent History > Ok.
When Using Linux Go to menu bar > Edit > preferences > network tab > offline Storage > Clear Now > Ok.
Always do this on a regular basis when you see Firefox slow down.
Let me know your appreciation with your response.

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