Why is iWork not part of Apple’s cloud computing system?

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I would like to ask if there are ongoing issues on Apple’s cloud computing system and document application? I recently found out that documents done via Pages may be shared (in the control panel) using iWork.

This is very convenient for me and I am very satisfied but I would just like to know if you can explain why this application is not within the cloud computing system? 

I would very much like to use this application. Thank you in advance for the help. 

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Why is iWork not part of Apple’s cloud computing system?


Yes, there are some ongoing issues in Apple and they are trying to resolve it within the next few weeks. There is nothing wrong with their iCloud or iWork system. They are performing well in their own aspects but there are certain issues that Apple need to address before including iWork as a part of the iCloud system.

The theory behind this is that enabling iCloud for iWork for Mac is a much bigger and better deal than the most people realize it is. We people have still to see any sort of user interface for saving documents to iCloud on Mac device. Let me clear this with an example, in iWork, do you see a standard folder named iCloud in the finder. You don't even see any UI pane similar to the ones in the IOS developed apps. But there is something that you should know. How you can save a file on your computer. Questions like these haven't been answered by Apple and I believe that they are still working on issues like that in order to clear the major details.

Besides all this conversation, the Mac version of iWork will always be more advanced than its counterpart that is designed in IOS. Apple might not allow cross-platform savings until they are damn sure that the savings will yield the maximum
 output without any changes

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