Why I am losing my wifi connection?

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Why am I losing connection with my WiFi? We have a WiFi installed in our house. After some configuration work my laptop was connected to it wirelessly and would automatically detect it every time I open my laptop. One day, after some months, I suddenly lost connection with my home’s WiFi and when I checked available connections my laptop showed another WiFi signal that I later learned belonged to my neighbor.

After several trial and error attempts, I discovered that I can only reconnect to my own WiFi if I shut down and reboot my computer. This thing happens every time my neighbor’s WiFi becomes available after mine. What must I do so I wouldn’t lose connection at the middle of my work? Thank you for your generous attention.


neighbour’s WiFi becomes available after mine
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Why I am losing my wifi connection?


Hi Vanessabell,

Solution 01:

1. Make sure that your WiFi router is NOT very closely placed near any infra red devices e. g. cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, garage door openers and microwave ovens etc. Because, they may sometimes cause the WiFi signals to drop.

2. Turn off the WiFi router and take out the power cord as well. Keeping the router turned off, press the power button on it which is normally at the back for 30 seconds. Re-plug the power cord back in and turn the WiFi router back on.

3. I am not sure which version of windows you are using on your laptop but try to clear the "Preferred WiFi connections" and make a new search for available connections on your laptop.

4. Now if available, connect to you home WiFi network.

Solution 02:

1. If following the above mentioned steps never works then go to Device Manager (for Windows VISTA: Windows Start button -> Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> Device Manager). Under Network Adaptors, you will be able to find the WiFi card for you laptop. Right click on it and DISABLE it (Remember: do not uninstall it), then right click it again and ENABLE it.

2. Make a new search for available WiFi connections and if available, connect to you home WiFi network.

Solution 03:

1. After following the above mentioned solutions, still you laptop is dropping connection then go to "Device Manager again" but this time UNINSTALL your WiFi card. Now restart your computer and your computer will reinstall the drivers automatically for you on reboot.

2. Now try to establish a connection with your WiFi router and I hope, it will not drop again.


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Why I am losing my wifi connection?


When a computer is set-up to auto-connect to the wireless network, this depends on how strong the wireless signal is.

Wireless card are designed to rank higher signal from the strongest to the weakest. It tries to detect the highest signal, connects if it failed it goes to the 2nd.

The wireless signal can reach up to 5 bars. Observe how many signal bars or your network, if it did not reach 5 then you may change the channel of your router.

By default, router's channel is set to channel 6. To change the channel up to the maximum channel 11 will definitely broadcast stronger wireless signal.

Log-in to GUI, open your browser and type
  • Log-in to GUI, open your browser and type
  • Log-in using the credentials of your router.
  • Once log-in, click on the wireless tab.
  • Change the channel up to the maximum.
  • Save the changes and refresh the network list.

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