Why Google Chrome keep saying webpage not available?

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Hi guys,

I want to ask  question that why my Google Chrome keep saying webpage is not available though I have working internet connection. I can see that my network & connection manager shows internet access but still Google Chrome does not open any pages and gives me the error as- Webpage is not available. Please answer me to fix this.

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Why Google Chrome keep saying webpage not available?



There are many reasons that your Chrome will show webpage not available page. Either its connection to the internet is blocked or the webpage you’re trying to visit isn’t accurate and so showing this error.

First, make sure that your firewall program isn’t blocking Chrome from accessing internet. Find out that “chrome.exe” is allowed to access the internet. Learn how to allow programs to access internet in Windows Firewall. You might be using other programs, check their manual.

Next, make sure that the webpage you’ve entered exists on the web. Go to Google, search for the URL you’re having trouble. Google should show you the perfect URL.

Check your proxy settings. If the proxy isn’t correct, internet connection won’t be available and show this error. Open a new tab, go to “chrome://settings/”. Expand “Show advanced settings” and find out “Network” section. There, click “Change proxy settings”.

If none of the techniques work, you should try to uninstall Chrome and download the latest Chrome. Download Google Chrome.


Check if any other browser have the same issue. You should test with Firefox, Opera, and Safari etc.

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