Why does my Linux not play DVD’s or MP3’s?

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I am using Ubuntu Linux and when i insert a DVD movie into my DVD-ROM and select play, it does not play. I also downloaded a few MP3 songs and when i tried to play them, they did not work either. I used different players and attempted to play them, but they would not work.

Thank you very much for your help

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Why does my Linux not play DVD’s or MP3’s?


Since you have already installed the Ubuntu, I guess some of the requirements is not compatible with your PC. I just want to let you know the necessary requirements for using Ubuntu Linux. Please see below:

Processor X86 with the i686 instruction set-300MHz for server and for desktop 1GHz

Memory (RAM) – for server 128MiB for desktop 384 MiB

Hard Drive (free space) – for server 1 GB for desktop 5GB

Monitor Resolution – for server 640X480 for desktop 1024 X 768.

Kindly please check if you have met the following requirements otherwise some of the features in your PC will not work due to incompatibility of the hardwares.

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Why does my Linux not play DVD’s or MP3’s?


Hello Mark Guht.

What you are experiencing is normal. Ubuntu does not play restricted or proprietary formats such as DVDs and mp3 out of the box. This is due to copyright and legal issues which Ubuntu seeks to avoid.

If you want more details regarding restricted formats – why Ubuntu does not enable it by default, how to configure Ubuntu to play those restricted formats and the legal implications of doing so, Please access this URL Download Link

Fortunately, there is an "easy install" method. Just open the URL I gave above from within your Ubuntu's web browser and click on the link and apt will do the rest for you. 

Or, if you are reading this from within Ubuntu, this is the link that will launch easy install for you: apt:ubuntu-restricted-extras?section=universe?section=multiverse

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