Why does MS Works not let me copy anything?

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When I try to copy and paste basically anything from MS Works an error message pops out requesting me to reduce the selected part as it is too much to copy, however when I reduce it completely to just one unit it still would not let me copy, this problem did not occur previously.

Please help.

Microsoft Works

The information you copied exceeds the size limit for pasting into the

Word processor. Try reducing the size of your selection, and then copy and

paste again.

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Why does MS Works not let me copy anything?


I suggest you update your internet explorer to the latest version. Most of the time this will solve your problem!

Here is the Microsoft Internet Explorer’s official web site:

Download Fast and fluid for Windows 7

If you still have the same problem with Internet Explorer 9 installed, then try to scan your PC looking for any malware.

You could use Avast which is maybe the best free antivirus programs available.

Download avast! Free Antivirus

But if you want a more efficient solution, I’ll recommend Kaspersky Internet Security. You could download it from the Kaspersky official website and get 60 days free trial just give an active email address to get your download link.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security Trial

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