Why do I see “HASP Driver Not Installed (-100)” error

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I gave my cousin my pc about a month ago and after she returned it yesterday. Now when I turn on my pc," HASP Driver Not Installed   (-100)" error" dialog box pops up. I have no idea what that means. When I asked my cousin, she told me she has no idea too.

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Why do I see “HASP Driver Not Installed (-100)” error


Hey Pacey de Belen!

If you are having this error then do not worry about this error. I also had the same error but i succeeded to solve this error. Basically this error occurs due to HINSTALL.EXE. This executable file automatically runs when for the first time you launch the PSEXE.EXE.

This error message states that you are not the administrator on the PC. so what you need to do is just to run the computer as administrator. If you are login from any other user account, you will receive the same error message.

I hope it will help you a lot.


Tunacao Caaron


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