Why desktop icons changed to windows image viewer.Unable to open any file?s

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I was trying to open adobe Photoshop edited image using windows image viewer but as I selected windows image viewer to open just the image all the desktop icons changed to windows image viewer only and I'm unable to open anything not even google chrome.I tried to select each default application to open but it did not work.Please help me solve this problem

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Why desktop icons changed to windows image viewer.Unable to open any file?s


I think what you did is right-click on the Adobe Photoshop image, pointed to Open With, and selected Windows Image Viewer to open the file. Maybe when you did this, you didn’t notice that the rest of the icons on your desktop were also selected that’s why all of them were defaulted to Windows Image Viewer.

You can reverse and fix the issue by going to each application. For example, in Google Chrome, right-click on the browser’s icon then point to Open With then select Google Chrome in the list of applications. If you don’t see Google Chrome in the list, click Choose Program and select Google Chrome on the next screen. If it is not listed, click Browse, go to the installation folder of Google Chrome and select the main executable or main launcher of the browser.

Click OK then see if the application opens normally. If you still can’t open it, click Start, All Programs then drag Google Chrome to your desktop and create a shortcut. Do this on all affected programs and it should be back to normal. If you want a much easier approach, visit Restore Windows 7 Default File Types.

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