Why contacts photos diasappear in HTC Amaze?

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Hi everyone,

I have problem in my smartphone which is HTC Amaze, I liked its simple features and design that made me purchase it. Some how it was working good till now but suddenly started to hang and now my contacts photos which were set twice by me as caller images disappered again. Please tell me how to fix this.

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Why contacts photos diasappear in HTC Amaze?


Hello Roy

This problem has been found with the users of Facebook on HTC Amaze. The problem lies in the synchronization of contacts between the phone and social media sites.

So the best solution to this problem is to allow both accounts to sync properly. Go to Settings. Then go to accounts and then remove the FB account. Restart your mobile. Then again go to Setting>Accounts and add the FB account and allow it to Sync.

Secondl solution is,  if the images and ringtones are on removable media, then also problems occur when mount and un mount the media. Be sure to store all such data on your phone memory.

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