Why is the color distorted on my computer?

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I don't get the normal color back on my computer screen problem only occurs in Windows but does not occur in the System Setup program. Why is this so? What is the best thing I can try first? Please help. here is the snapshot:


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Why is the color distorted on my computer?


Yes. That happens to some of the computer gamers. Here are the major causes and the ideas on how to fix them. Your problem might definitely be in one of these causes.

1. Insufficient cooling – This is a major cause. Many computers get overheated , due to which they get their computers a little bit frozen and stuck . You could try cooling pads to overcome this difficulty. You could also check the processor and the fan in your computer for any issues.

2. Dust – Try cleaning your computer. Because, of the dust some computers get their monitors a little bit damaged. You should clean up your computer once in a month to prevent further issues.

3. Video card – The video card might be out of date or there may be some type of problems related to that. Try replacing your video card. That might help. Video card's are warranted up to certain extent and after that they tend to be a little patchy.

4. Your drivers must also be up to date. Download the latest drivers and try to update them. That might be an issue.

5. Finally, the graphics card. Maybe some issue with it. Call the graphics card manufacturer and ask for possible solutions.


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