Why can’t I port forward my Nokia N72?

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I use Nokia N72 for connecting internet and I have a problem having it port forwarded. I have tried a lot but I am still not able 

to figure out about how to do it.Do you guys have any idea about it. Please suggest any ideas.

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Why can’t I port forward my Nokia N72?



The problem you have raised is probably due to several reasons. It may be because the phone you are using is virus infected. Install a antivirus program with up to date and scan your whole mobile. Another reason may be the data cord you are using is not compatible with the phone. You should use DKU2 for Nokia N72 model. Even after all of this, the problem is not fixed then let it install the latest firmware program for the program. You can download it form Nokia website. I hope the problem will be fixed now.

Anyway thanks a lot. If you have any queries then do not hesitate to ask.


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Why can’t I port forward my Nokia N72?


You don’t do port forwarding on your phone. Port forwarding is done on the router and not on the phone. If you need to forward ports, go to How to Port Forward ADSL Router to learn how to do it. Also, before you can forward ports on the router, your device needs to be in a static IP address.

Consult your phone’s manual how to create an access point. When creating a new access point, go to “Options” then “Advanced settings” to change the network type and to set a static IP address. In “Network type,” select “IPv4 settings.” In “Phone IP address,” enter an IP address for your phone. This will be your phone’s static IP address.

Follow the instructions in the link above how to customize your static IP address.

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