Why adobe reader serif font is unavailable to me?

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I have been using adobe reader for a long time and it was working well for me but some days ago I downloaded this version XI. I was surprised when I did not find serif font. I searched every option but failed. As I like most this font so why adobe reader serif font is missing? Whether this version has no serif font? Some solution please.

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Why adobe reader serif font is unavailable to me?


Hi Steven M Doud,

When you say a serif font that doesn't refer to a single font. The serif is a type of font (like sans-serif). So when you set a font type to serif usually it will pick one of the serif fonts on your (or other people computers) and use it for that document.

Some of the serif fonts are

  • Garamond
  • Georgia
  • New York
  • Times
  • Times New Roman

You can read more about this on wikipedia article Serif.

This means that you can select one of the serif type fonts and it will be the same like you saw it before. I have no idea though why Acrobat Reader 9 haven't got the option like the previous version did.

Hope i helped you,

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