Why is Adobe Acrobat crashing?

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I need to install Adobe Acrobat 4.05 on my computer. When I downloaded and tried to install it on my PC, I got a long alphanumeric character error as written below:

ACROBAT caused an invalid page fault in 
module KERNEL32.DLL at 017f:bff76846. 
EAX=00900460 CS=017f EIP=bff76846 EFLGS=00010246 
EBX=00900460 SS=0187 ESP=00900000 EBP=0090001c 
ECX=009000a0 DS=0187 ESI=8192bb9c FS=3fb7 
EDX=bff76855 ES=0187 EDI=009000c8 GS=0000 
Bytes at CS:EIP: 
ff 55 18 83 c4 10 64 8f 05 00 00 00 00 c9 c3 8b 
Stack dump: 
009000c8 00900460 009000e4 009000a0 00900460 bff76855 00900460 009000b0 
bff87fe9 009000c8 00900460 009000e4 009000a0 bffc05b4 8192bbe0 8195ec1c 

I don't have any idea on this since I am also new to this software. Can anyone please suggest what is the meaning and caused of this error? Thanks.

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Why is Adobe Acrobat crashing?


There are several workarounds for that issue and you will need to try them.

  1. You will need to restart your computer and see if everything will work well after that, for the kernel32.dll error could be just a fluke.
  2. Try reinstalling the program in case the "invalid page fault in module kernel32.dll" error occurs when you are only using a single software program for it might be possible that the software program is most likely to blame and therefore uninstalling and reinstalling the program may fix the issue.
  3. Another workaround for that issue will be to repair the  potentially damaged password list files. You will need to try troubleshooting that step especially if the kernel32.dll page fault has been caused by "Explorer", "Commgr32", "Mprexe", "Msgsrv32", or "Iexplore".
  4. You will also need to repair the corrupted thumbs.db files in a folder of the subfolder that you are attempting to have access to.
  5. You should run a virus scan, for some specific computer viruses are known to cause the kernel32.dll errors as part of their damage to your compute, and therefore quarantining the virus may resolve your issue entirely.




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