Which Tablets Are Better Than Laptops: Advantages Of Tablet Over Laptop

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Hi. I have always used a laptop from the very start. However, with the introduction of tablets in the market, I was keen on shifting to a tablet as I need to buy a new gadget now because the old one has been really worn out. I have received mix opinions about tabs so got a bit confused. Can you suggest me of an option out of buying a tablet or a laptop or some advantages of tablet over laptop? A reply will be highly appreciated.

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Which Tablets Are Better Than Laptops: Advantages Of Tablet Over Laptop


Hi. With the advancements being made in technology, there are pros and cons attached with each one of them. However, if you want a choice between laptop and tablets, I personally will go for tablets because of some reasons. Let me explain those below so that even you get a clear picture of the same.

Advantages of tablet over laptop:

• Tablets are more compact in size, portable, thinner, easier to carry around and used with ease wherever required. Tablets like Mac book air are more pleasing to the eyes as well.

• While riding a taxi or while traveling anywhere have you ever tried working on a laptop? Isn’t it very bulky and tiring? You always need to find a flat and smooth surface to place your laptop. So, the option of walking around while doing the work is completely out of the question!

• Another advantage of a tablet is its battery life. The tablets once charged properly tend to retain much more battery and work for a significant amount of time. So, with tablets, there are no limitations of carrying a charger along with you wherever you go. Go out to restaurants, conduct meetings, do your work, come back home, and your battery is still charged!

• A tablet is more versatile regarding flexibility. In addition to video conferencing, you can also shoot videos and take pictures. It is also ideal in case you wish to access an entire library of books online.

However, every gadget has some advantages to it as well as some limitations. So consider all of those and make a smart choice. Good luck!

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