Which OS shall I choose?

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I have recently bought a new computer but without an operating system and without a hard disk. Hard disk is not the problem but I am in dilemma in choosing the right Operating System. I am a complete IT newbie and I do not know all these. I have came to know different OS's like Windows (The most common), LINUX, UNIX, and the one of Apple. I want to install a good OS for my daily business works and a little of 3D gaming. I am confused in choosing the right OS so it would be better if you could help.

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Which OS shall I choose?


Hello Dennis!

I would like to commend you knowing different platforms right now even if you’re a newbie.

1.  Let’s compare first the price. The most expensive is Apple OS, Microsoft Windows is one of the widely used system and most convenient to use. Linux is for free quite difficult to use.

2.  Apple OS is designed for apple laptops. Microsoft and Linux is intentionally designed for IBM formats/ and or generic computers.

3.  Both Apple, Microsoft, ad Linux provide office tools that you can use for your daily business needs.

4.  Microsoft will be the best for gaming because most of the game circulating our markets are Microsoft based.

5.  Fixes and or patches are always updated and easier to find solution for your operating system problems, replace hardware, upgrades and tutorials are can be easily searched through websites.

For me your best option is Microsoft. Not just it is affordable but you can also extend your gaming experience and manage your business without sweat and worry because it is widely used and common to most computer users.

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