Which one of these is the best ?

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Hi All,

I want to browse internet but which browser will be the best between Google and Mozilla, any body can suggest?

I want to know about any clash between the browsers also pros and cons.

And Please give me a best result about Google Chrome too.

Thanks for your assistance.


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Which one of these is the best ?


It is a close competition. Each has its own advantages. Both are very light and fast. I will look into each browser

Mozilla Firefox is very user friendly and it has an attractive interface. It has easy access to settings and has a whole lot of customizations available. You can add a lot of useful add-ons to it.

It also has a cool new feature called Private Browsing. When you browse while having it on, no trace of your browsing will be left on your computer. This is good for privacy.

Google Chrome does well in performance and may even exceed Firefox.

Its one disadvantage is it's interface is not that user friendly.  It has a feature in it with which you can save your browsing data in your Gmail account so can browse in any computer with your own browsing data. I doubt whether this is a good thing.

This compromises both your privacy and security.

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Which one of these is the best ?


Internet browser nowadays are improving almost very often. They add features that whatever comes in their mind to improve subscriber's browsing experience.

Of course, we have Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and other browser not know and familiar but they exist.

These type of browser has there own pros and cons, features that has been added to ensure user's expectations are met when browsing.

The common issue with Firefox are incompatible to some of the websites, can't play video and often it crashed. This is being experienced too by other browser such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

While Opera is still making a noise in terms of popularity but less are listening has this weird home page with bunch of characters displayed instead of the home page is loaded are the main error encountered by this browser.

Internet Explorer also has it's own pros and cons because but this is the most and widely used browser, preferred by users as their main browser.

Google Chrome on the other hand is improving and is very easy to navigate and I don't see any problems lately. To answer the question, who is the best? I can't say and answer with conviction to who is the best.

Try it all and experienced it yourself to know who is the best in battle of the browser.

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Which one of these is the best ?


Hallo Carlin,

When it comes to browsers, everybody has their favorite. Some will prefer internet explorer, some will prefer Mozilla Firefox, some will prefer Google chrome while others will prefer the browsers that I have not mentioned. Like in my case, I find Firefox to the my best browser. I find it easy to ease, it light and therefore loads the pages faster, and has good security features, well implemented tabbed browsing among other reasons. But I have friends who prefer internet explorer which is usually my last option.

Google chrome is more like Firefox. Many features that are in Firefox have been implemented in Google chrome hence making it one of the best browsers according to me. But you can try using several browsers and see which works best for you. Everybody has their own taste.


Lee Hung

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Which one of these is the best ?


Thank you all for your answers! Looks like both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are good. I think I should pick according to my needs. Which is why I decided to use both.

Firefox is good because of it’s add-ons, while Chrome also have incredible features.

Thanks Peter P5, Sharath, and Lee Hung.

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