Which one to buy Xbox One Vs PS4?help

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Hi guys, I want to buy a gaming console its the first time I will be buying anything specially for gaming purpose as I love playing games and I play them online on PC till now but now want to buy a gaming console please suggest me which one I should buy Xbox One or PS4, though I love both the consoles games very much and price is not a problem for me please answer me.

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Which one to buy Xbox One Vs PS4?help



Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are one of the latest gaming console over the market. Xbox is under Microsoft where PlayStation 4 is under Sony Entertainment.

Both have got slight differences that is too hard to be figured out. Here’s the comparison between both.

Budget for buying any console is very much important. PS4 is worth $399.99 where Xbox is $499.99. Clearly, $100.00 difference.

Xbox One comes with 8GB DDR3 memory where PS4 comes with 8GB GDDR5. That means, Xbox gives better performance where PS4 is best for graphics.

PS4 comes with Bluetooth support where Xbox doesn’t support it.

But there’s not so much differences between games of the two consoles. Both provide smooth-edge, high graphics gaming experience. Gamepad can be compared, but both are different and up to your choice.

I’d like to recommend PS4 for buying. Of course, the final choice is of your.

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Which one to buy Xbox One Vs PS4?help


Hi, this is the most argumented topic in gaming console though PS4 wins here in everything.

The Xbox one design is classic and big one unlike PS4 is more sleek in design

The PS4 price is low when compared to Microsoft Xbox One.

The Microsoft Xbox One games are available but not more than PS4 and also Ps 4 games are much in demand.

If you want to buy any one from these two then PS 4 is recommended.


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Which one to buy Xbox One Vs PS4?help


Pay a visit this Techyv post to get a comparable discussion regarding on Xbox One Vs PS4. Which information will help you to select a right one.

Which is better PS4 or XBOX One

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